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Apple Cider Jello Shots



Okay, I’ll admit, I have sort of a love/hate relationship with jello shots.  I love them because they are undeniably FUN.  Especially when they’re colorful and God forbid they come in those tacky plastic syringes, because then I am a goner.  I mean, those are so great.  Makes me want to host a doctor themed party, which is pretty weird. Annnyway, rambling aside, the negative of jello shots is that they usually taste pretty terrible.  Super sweet in the beginning and then just vodka.  Bleh.  So making my own is usually the way to go (no liquor aftertaste here!).  My recipe may use a tad less alcohol than most, so feel free to adjust at will, if you’re tougher than me!

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Cauldron Succulent Planters




When I saw these cauldrons at the craft store, I knew that I WOULD need them for something.  Then I happened to place them next to my succulents on the table when I got home and a great plan was born.  My little green babies were getting uprooted for the season.  Not such a great planting move to just re-pot plants in themed vessels based upon the relevant holiday?  I couldn’t say, my thumb is more of a murky brown.  And they just look so darn cute.  Imagine these lined up on the table as a dinner centerpiece or spread about the house.  The green is almost like a bubbling potion spilling over the top of the cauldron.  And the air plants have this great weird science look to them.  Whenever I see an air plant I think that they should be named Harold or Max.  They sort of bring to mind a dorky teenager with spiked hair and braces.  Weird?  Figures I would turn out to be that kind of plant mom.

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sacramento travel diary


In general, when I think of capital cities, I always imagine large buildings and tree-lined streets, and it’s always Fall?  California’s capital is no exception.  Is there a reason for this?  Nonetheless, when I had a trip to Sacramento in my future, I was determined to find all of the wonderful things (read: food) that the city had to offer, the Little Things way.  Should you have a trip to California’s capital scheduled, be sure to check out a few!


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no-weave wall hanging


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Okay, first I’ll admit that I started this project the weave-way.  That is, I made my own loom out of a carefully-carved cardboard box (genius!), wrapped some twine around my box creating, what looked to me, like evenly spaced strings….or whatever you call them.  I proceeded to weave my yarn in and out, creating cool tassels and textures, just like all those pictures you see on Pinterest.  With each passing day, my cardboard box started to soften and cave in, and i would pull the strings tighter, which in-turn caused the cardboard to cave more.  Sometimes when a project is not going right, you have to just set it aside for a while and ask yourself, “do I go on or do I start over?”  In this case, I needed to re-strategize and start over.  Turns out, it was one of the best decisions of my life – with inspiration from Kipi, I was able to get the same effect I was looking for WITHOUT spending money on a loom.

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