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little pies for pi day



Today is March 14th, a.k.a. Pi Day, and we couldn’t think of a better way of celebrating than with lots of pie!  Inspired by our pre-calculus teacher Mr. Cole’s enthusiasm for Pi Day in our senior year of high school, we first made mini pies.  We gave them to all of our teacher’s, (we know, we’re kiss-ups), and now they’re our favorite way to have pie! Easy to serve, fun to make, and impossibly adorable, you’ll want to try this recipe for yourself!

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diy personalized notebooks



Whether you’re a student, working, or just plain busy, there’s no substitue for the good ol’ notebook.  While the notes application on our phones are handy, sometimes you just need a pad of paper and a pen.  And if you’re carrying a notebook around it should say a little something about your style.  We think you’ll find that when you are taking notes for that miserable class or business meeting, your notebook will make it just a bit better (it’s the little things that count, right?)!

For this project we recommend that you go to the craft store and pick out things that inspire YOU. The options are endless! And you can even decorate old notebooks from around the house with markers, magazine cut outs, or glitter. This project can be totally inexpensive and still look great!  Here’s what we made and how we did it.

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diy little charm necklaces



Today’s post was inspired by our jewelry obsession.  Everywhere we go we see adorable little charm necklaces, and it seems like we need to get one of each to represent all of the facets of our personalities! A cute California charm?  We’re from California, we need that!  A heart, we’re loving people, we should get that too.  The list is endless and so is the growing list of receipts of necessary self-representative charms.  So we decided to make our own, at a much lower cost.  The project requires wire from the hardware store, pliers, and an old necklace chain!

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an oscar soirée


We love the Oscars (okay, we’re borderline obsessed)! Once the Oscar nominations are released we panic, adjust our schedules, and begin the process of seeing every film on the list. Then after hours of movies, discussion, and popcorn eating, the sacred night descends upon us.  Normally, we prepare lots of nominated movie inspired foods, curl up on the couch, and sit in rapture as the show unfolds.  This year we decided to break tradition and drag our friends and family into our evening. They may not have enjoyed being forced to dress up or the (surprise!) paparazzi on the red carpet, but the good food and contagious Oscar energy is undeniable and we soon had them under our spell.  Eschewing our past evenings of pajamas and chocolate pie (for The Help, of course), we decided to have one of our typical over-the-top parties.

Take a peek at our evening…

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