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Halloween Blood Bag Cocktails


Sometimes I find myself in situations, entirely of my own making, where I can’t help but stop and think… how? One such moment occurred just a few days ago as I opened an Amazon package of surprisingly realistic and frighteningly surgical looking blood bags for this post and thought… is this cool? Or is this creepy? Alas, I decided that it was probably both, and here we are today.

Don’t they always say that if you’re pushing boundaries, you’re headed in the right direction?

Are they probably not talking about themed cocktails when they say that?

First things first, why in the world would you make these?

  • THEY ARE SO FUN. Honestly, holding the finished product in my hand was a feeling of pure joy. I shared them with multiple friends who were also delighted. I say, spread the joy!
  • HALLOWEEN: Are you hosting a Halloween party? Going to a Halloween party? Staying in, but still want to celebrate? These are, obviously, the perfect addition for all three instances.
  • Vampire Movie Viewing Party: Are you, by chance, having friends over to watch vampire movies? Do you want them to be endlessly impressed by you? You’ll need these.

What you’ll need:

  • Blood Bags: I got mine on Amazon, linked here. (Note: These are made specifically for drinks – not blood!)
  • A red beverage: I used sangria, but the sky is the limit here when you consider that you could just add red food die to anything! And this could just as easily be made non-alcoholic for kiddos! The red sangria recipe I used is linked here; I added some pomegranate juice to mine in place of orange juice to pump up the color. (Note: Two batches of sangria filled seven bags, so depending on how many you’d like you to make, you’ll likely need more volume than you think).

How to:

Okay, here’s the thing, this is a tutorial that’s hardly a tutorial, but I’m going to tell you how to do it anyway. If the directions feel obvious, well, that’s because they kind of are! Forgive me!

  1. Select and prepare your beverage of choice.
  2. Stick the stickers on the blood bags (If you order the same version I did, the stickers are waterproof and thus not susceptible to inevitable spills while you’re filling the bags).
  3. Load syringe, insert into the straw attached to the bag, press down on the pump, and voilá! Do this repeatedly until the bag is full. In my opinion, the bags looked best when they were completely filled, without any room left at the top.
  4. Seal the bags: Slide the clip over the straw and push the free side of the clip inward towards the straw. There should be an edge where it will latch, and you will hear a satisfying click.
  5. Wipe any excess spillage and they’re ready to shine!

Do you think you’ll make these? Are they fun or weird? I’d love to hear! Let’s talk Halloween themed cocktails in the comments.

xoxo, Keya



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