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Apple Cider Jello Shots



Okay, I’ll admit, I have sort of a love/hate relationship with jello shots.  I love them because they are undeniably FUN.  Especially when they’re colorful and God forbid they come in those tacky plastic syringes, because then I am a goner.  I mean, those are so great.  Makes me want to host a doctor themed party, which is pretty weird. Annnyway, rambling aside, the negative of jello shots is that they usually taste pretty terrible.  Super sweet in the beginning and then just vodka.  Bleh.  So making my own is usually the way to go (no liquor aftertaste here!).  My recipe may use a tad less alcohol than most, so feel free to adjust at will, if you’re tougher than me!


Ingredients (makes about 12 jello shots):

1 pack spiced apple cider mix

1 packet gelatine

1.5 c. boiling water

.5 c. spiced rum

Mix apple cider mix and gelatine in boiling water until completely dissolved.  Add spiced rum and mix again. Pour into jello shot cups and set in the fridge to set.  This takes a few hours, but I recommend leaving them overnight.  If you’re making these for a party, save yourself some stress and make these ahead of time! Use apple cider mix to make spiced rim and enjoy!


xoxo, Keya


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