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 Creative dates are hard.  Not knocking dinner and a movie, but sometimes it’s fun to mix it up a bit.  When Erica and I started the Little Things it was very much to help keep us creatively motivated in our everyday work lives.  Not just with crafts, but everything we do.  And why not with our dates?  So every once and while when we think of a fun date idea or activity, you might see a little post about it around here!  This past weekend I thought it would be fun to spend our Saturday exploring the farmer’s market and then making a dinner from all market ingredients.

So, rewind to Saturday morning, mind bustling with the fun afternoon ahead, I woke my boyfriend up to remind him of our plans.  In all honesty, I expected him to be WAY more excited.  I mean, this is a cute idea and farmer’s markets are great so I don’t get it. Nonetheless, I powered forward, brought him coffee and reminded him that he had already promised he would go.  And thus, my very sweet and patient boyfriend and I hopped in the car and headed off to the PSU Saturday Market (a real gem for all of you visiting Portland).  Now at this point you may be thinking to yourself, why am I reading a blog post about fun date ideas that even your boyfriend doesn’t want to do?  Fear not ladies, because he will like it.  Farmer’s markets have tons of food and usually a good helping of puppies so it’s really a mix that nobody can resist.  We ended up spending a few hours strolling the aisles, sampling different products and chatting with the farmers.  I think that we can both agree that the highlights were kombucha, focaccia pizza, and spotting a mini husky puppy (honestly, the puppy was the highlight.  Never seen anything cuter.)



IMG_5856 - Copy

We grabbed our normal lettuces and fruits and a pack of beautiful homemade pappardelle.  Then we happened upon a local meat stand specializing in rare meats.  This ladies, might be one of the issues with bringing your guy to the market, because upon his sparked interest, I found us leaving the stand with a pound of ground yak meat.  (Definitely a new one for me).  A bolognese sauce was on the horizon.  We picked up a fresh loaf of bread, some lacinto kale, rhubarb, and some fancy local salt for fun.  Also I tried all of the cheese and wine samples.  All in all, it was a lovely way to spend the early afternoon.



When we got home, I made a strawberry rhubarb pie because I couldn’t resist.  Also, the bf loves pie.  We made a bolognese sauce, substituting the yak for beef.  True story guys, it wasn’t bad.  I couldn’t tell the difference.  After admitting this though, the bf said that he wanted to try yak steaks to really compare.  Eeeek not where I saw that little truth heading- biting my tongue next time!  I also threw together a lemony kale salad (MY FAVORITE).  If you want the best kale salad recipe ever, check out my mom’s blog.  You’ll thank me later.  All in all, I would say the date was a success.  

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IMG_4949 - Copy

IMG_4942 - Copy - Copy

Are you a fan of your local market?  What are some of your favorite finds?  Hope everyone has some fun weekend plans!

xoxo, Keya



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  1. Hi Keya, This is Erica’s Aunt. This was a wonderful post, you are so much like her!
    I can see why she cried when you moved!

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