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Can we just take a moment to sing the praises of one of my favorite cocktails, the moscow mule?  Light, refreshing, citrusy, and a wonderful ginger kick? Man, I could go for one of those right now.  But, alas, I am writing this post at 11 am so…I’ll refrain.  I’ll admit that one of the favorite parts of the mule is that I can’t taste the vodka- that’s the sign of a good cocktail right there folks.  And how to better disguise the flavor?  Infused vodkas.  Oh yes.

My love for moscow mules aside, you can use any citrus that you like and add it to your favorite cocktail.  Lemon infused for lemon drops?  It’s super easy and simply requires a little bit of time to infuse.  So make ahead of time and store in your fridge so you’re ready whenever 5 o’clock happens to roll around.



1 lime (peels)

a clean jar


How to:

Pour your vodka into your clean jar.  You can make as much as you want.  If you’re planning on infusing your vodka for a party and want to use the whole bottle, then feel free to go ahead and use that bottle.  Add lime peels.  I used about 1 limes worth for mine.  Exact amounts aren’t imperative, and just be sure to adjust accordingly depending on how much you make.  Store in the fridge for about two weeks.  After infusing, strain your vodka to remove lime peels, and store in the fridge until you’re ready to use it!




xoxo, Keya




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