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Coming up with themed food for the Oscars can be tricky.  Especially when the primary food source in many of the best picture nominees this year was cocaine and vodka (we’re looking at you Wolf of Wall Street and Gravity).  And sometimes they hardly eat at all.  But we like to stay true to our themes and, well, we reeeeally like to eat.  So it was time to get creative.  Whilst pulling our hair out trying to come up with ideas, I happened across this beyond great article on Epicurious (Seriously, check it out.  Especially if you want to make a meal and need recipes).  So with inspiration from that and some of our own (possibly over-themed) ideas, we give you our 2014 Oscar Party Themed Food List:

Oscar Bar- For those who feel like throwing a 21+ party with all the fun and well…yeah just all the fun, here are our list of necessary Oscar beverages:

-Champagne to celebrate the complete decadence of Wolf of Wall Street.

-Guinness for Philomena, the drink that ultimately brought her and her son together.

-Coors, which according to our old friend Woody, isn’t even alcohol.  Pop open a cold one and pretend you’re in Nebraska.  I think this drink also applies to our favorite cowboy Ron in Dallas Buyers Club, although he generally seemed to prefer something harder.

-Have a glass of red wine and celebrate that nobody is using it to try to drug you and wrongfully enslave you like our hero Solomon in 12 Years a Slave.

-Russian Vodka was pretty actually the only thing consumed in Gravity so it’s a must.  It’s also one of the major food groups for Cate Blanchett’s pill-popping socialite Jasmine in Blue Jasmine.


-Mini Wonder Bread sandwiches like the one David’s aunt serves him in Nebraska.  And should you feel really inspired, mini meatloaves made in cupcake tins.  Serve with a nice cold BOTTLE of beer.

-Mini Cheese pizzas inspired by the slice that Samantha encourages Theodore to get on their virtual date at the boardwalk in Her.

Samoosas (or samosas), which they do not exactly eat in Captain Phillips, but are a popular easy to serve South African snack that we can imagine our pirates enjoying while not hijacking ships on the high seas.  Another, less-Somalian, option would be a shrimp appetizer representative of the sea where the film takes place.

-Coconut cupcakes, with rounded tops covered in coconuts flakes and American flag toothpicks to make little moons for Gravity.


(Photo cred: The Perfect Palette, Giorgia Zanellato)

Main Dishes:

-Italian for American Hustle.  Especially chicken piccata.

-Steak for Dallas Buyers Club.

-Lobster for Wolf Of Wall Street (Although, may I suggest not chucking it at your guests?  Such a waste.)

xoxo, Keya


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