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sweet tart cocktail





This drink is sort of like an updated greyhound, it’s sweeter and perhaps a bit girlier. Perfect for a signature cocktail at a Valentine’s Day celebration, or you know, just any old evening…


2 parts (2 oz) vodka

2 parts (2 oz) pink grapefruit juice

1 tbsp. grenadine

club soda

(sugar and grenadine for pink rim)

Combine all ingredients (except club soda) in a cocktail shaker or sealed mason jar filled with ice.  Shake until combined and chilled.  Pour a bit if club soda into a glass of ice and top with contents of shaker, top with more club soda if necessary.  You can add more or less grenadine, depending on how sweet you like your drink.

To make pink sugared rim:

Pour just a little bit of grenadine on a small plate.  On a second plate, pour a bit of sugar.  First, holding the bottom of your glass, dip the rim lightly into the grenadine.  Lift the glass out of the grenadine and let the excess drip off.  Make sure that you’ve covered the entire rim of the glass or the sugar won’t stick.  Next, dip the glass gently into the sugar and make sure the entire rim is covered. Easy!  You can do this ahead of time and chill the glasses in the fridge if you would like.




xoxo, Keya


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