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sparkly pumpkin cocktail


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This cocktail is just as it sounds.- sparkly, pumpkin-ey, and oh-so-festive.  Also, it is beyond easy to make, which is a plus for parties.

Sparkly Pumpkin:

spiced pumpkin simple syrup (recipe here)

chilled champagne


To make sugar rim:

You’ll need two small plates- fill the first with a small amount of your simple syrup and the second with sugar.  Dip your cup first in the simple syrup and then in the sugar (alternatively you can roll the rim of the cup through the sugar).  If the rim isn’t completely covered, let dry for a bit and repeat process in the problem area only.  For simplicity, sugar rims can be made hours before and stored in the refrigerator to chill glasses.

To make cocktail:

Measure about a tablespoon and a half of pumpkin simple syrup into your glass (more or less depending on desired sweetness) and top with champagne! Voilá!


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