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cold pressed iced coffee


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Iced coffee is….what? An art, a passion…a lifestyle?! I shall leave it up to the gods to decide, but what I can tell you is this: like a steaming cup of freshly made coffee is irreplaceable first thing in the morning (please don’t even try to have a conversation with me before I’ve had mine), an iced coffee is a necessary part of a hot afternoon. I’ve been making iced coffee at home in my Toddy Coffee Pot for years, but thought that it would be fun to try making it just using household items so I could share it with you! (You could also just buy a Toddy Coffee and I would certainly recommend it!)


The Toddy Coffee pot, and my recipe too, makes a cold brewed coffee concentrate. It’s perfect for iced coffee because it’s extra strong so when the ice melts, your coffee doesn’t taste watery (bleh). And since it was brewed cold, it never gets that bitter taste coffee gets after being cooled down and indulged in later. It can also be used to make a cup of hot coffee by adding boiling water to the concentrate. The main benefit of cold brewed coffee versus regular coffee is that it has about 67% less acid than regular hot brewed coffee making it healthier for you (particularly for your stomach and bones!) Also, your coffee will be less bitter, have a smoother flavor, and be naturally sweeter due to the lowered acidic content.

Recipe (makes about 1 liter of coffee concentrate)

1 pound of your favorite coffee (coarse grind)

2 liters water

large coffee filter


Step 1: Combine the coffee and water in a large container. Cover and let sit for 12 hours (I just leave mine out overnight. Timing doesn’t have to be exact!)

Step 2: Strain the coffee by using the coffee filter over the strainer. A slightly faster way to go about this is to pour the coffee into a french press and strain the grounds by using the press. When I do it this way I still like to pass the coffee through a coffee filter after to get a pure concentrate. You should end up with about a liter of coffee concentrate! Refrigerate and enjoy! The coffee should stay fresh in your fridge for about two weeks.


For Iced Coffee:

Pour coffee concentrate over a generous serving of ice, add cold water to dilute the concentrate to your preference. Add cream and sugar if you like!

For Hot Coffee:

Warm 1 part coffee concentrate in the microwave, and add two parts boiling water. (Adjust water and coffee concentrate proportions to your liking). Enjoy your hot cup of acid free (aka tummy happy) coffee!


a highly caffeinated Keya

Photos by Erik Shafer.


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