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It’s occurred to us that we are now at the age where our friends are beginning to get married.  This became especially apparent when one of our best friends announced her engagement.  After the initial shock (and fear that we were growing old- can you see any wrinkles?), we decided that alcohol was necessary.  Multiple glasses of wine later, we realized that we should throw our dear friend a bridal shower and that it of course too, should have plenty of alcohol.  Brunch was the name of the game and everyone knows the only reason for brunch is mimosas!  Champagne + an unnecessary amount of pink = best bridal shower ever! Right? (Don’t answer that.)

We wanted to keep the decor girly and fun.  Pink everything, and candy rings and necklaces to decorate the table and guest’s fingers.  We fancified plastic silverware, plates, and glasses with gold spray paint (DIY instructions to come).  Centerpieces were simple roses from the farmer’s market.  We made a “Cheers Rebecca” banner out of pink glittery paper and twine to decorate the bar.  We also created speech bubble and arrow signs for guests to hold up in our photo booth.  And last but not least, we made a piñata.  For some reason a piñata felt very appropriate for this party, but since we are growing up we felt we needed a grown up piñata as well. We spray painted her gold and gave her a “Bride to Be” sash and  a tiara,  then filled her with candy, miniature bottles of alcohol, and condoms (admittedly a questionable dollar store purchase).

For brunch we served guava mimosas as an update to the standard orange (plus, there was the pink bonus), bagels, fresh quiche, strawberries, donuts rings, and mini cinnamon rolls.  Yum!

Everyone had a lovely afternoon celebrating the bride-to-be, sipping guava mimosas, and hogging the photo booth!


IMG_4605 bridalshower2




Keya and Erica


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