diy faux milk glass



Milk glass is a great way to add a little bit of vintage charm to your home.  This diy is so easy and cheap that we couldn’t resist trying it  for ourselves (and the added bonus of making your own is that you can choose vases or bottles that you like).  All the more reason for us to keep buying spring flowers!


vases or bottles

80 grit sand paper

matte white spray paint

sticker pearls or rhinestones


First you need to collect some bottles or vases.  We found ours at thrift stores but you can also use wine or beer bottles or old vases you already own.  Use the sand paper to lightly sand the outside of the glass so the paint sticks better.  Then wash and dry the vases to remove any residue on the outside.  Once your vases are prepared, spray a light base coat of paint all over.  Once they are completely dry, you can begin decorating.

We recommend measuring and using painters tape to make sure you are applying the stickers in straight lines.  We found our pearls and rhinestones in the scrap booking section of the craft store.  You want to make sure that you use something with a flat side so that it sits flush against your vase.

Once you’ve applied all your stickers, spray another coat of  paint and let dry completely.  Make sure to apply a thin layer so it doesn’t drip; you can always paint another layer once it has dried.

Fill your new diy milk glass vases with flowers and enjoy!



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