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As DIY bloggers, we understand how hard it is to organize all your inspirations and ideas.  Magazine clip outs, letters, newspaper articles, and sometimes just a swatch of color get hidden away in boxes or notebooks and are easily forgotten.  But like that sticky note on your refrigerator reminding you of your dentist appointment, things that inspire you deserve an equally significant spot in your line of sight.  We are constantly sticking things to mirrors, walls, or corkboards in our bedrooms, so when we were approached by the owner of Savoir Faire Catering to design an inspiration board for her office, we understood what she needed.  She wanted a way to display things like recipes, food presentation, table settings, and notes from her clients and we think we found the solution.



8 nails or hooks (we used vintage railroad ties)

twine, wire, or string

a level



mini clothespins (you can find these at your local craft store)



Make sure when you hang your nails or hooks, consider the distance between each layer.  We wanted to be able to hang full sized magazine articles so we spaced them out 7 inches apart.  Make sure to use the ruler to mark each spot where your nail will go and hold (or tape) your string between the marks so you can use the level to make sure the two pencil marks are level with each other.  When you are sure everything is even, level, and right where you want it, start to hammer your nails or hooks into the marked spots.  Tie your string or twine between the hooks, you can do this loosely for a draped look or tighter like we did for something more structured.


a newly inspired keya and erica


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