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Whether you’re a student, working, or just plain busy, there’s no substitue for the good ol’ notebook.  While the notes application on our phones are handy, sometimes you just need a pad of paper and a pen.  And if you’re carrying a notebook around it should say a little something about your style.  We think you’ll find that when you are taking notes for that miserable class or business meeting, your notebook will make it just a bit better (it’s the little things that count, right?)!

For this project we recommend that you go to the craft store and pick out things that inspire YOU. The options are endless! And you can even decorate old notebooks from around the house with markers, magazine cut outs, or glitter. This project can be totally inexpensive and still look great!  Here’s what we made and how we did it.

IMG_0225 Grab your notebook and supplies and get ready to craft!

Keya’s Notebook:


Supplies Required:

-moleskine notebook

-metal studs

-gold metallic pen

-“notes” stencil


Lay out your design, push the studs through, fold on the inside flap of your notebook, and you can stencil on the front.

Erica’s Notebook:


Supplies Required:

-moleskine notebook

-silver metallic pen

-homemade paisley stencil


Find a stencil online and print it out, then cut it up and trace!

the little things notebook:


Supplies Required:

-moleskine notebook

-painter’s tape

-sparkle spray paint

-black sharpie



Use the painter’s tape to create your design and spray thoroughly with the glitter adhesive.  Let dry and remove the paint. You can use a sharpie to personalize it even more.


We hope we inspired you to go out and express your notebook style! Let us know how it goes!


Keya and Erica


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