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Today’s post was inspired by our jewelry obsession.  Everywhere we go we see adorable little charm necklaces, and it seems like we need to get one of each to represent all of the facets of our personalities! A cute California charm?  We’re from California, we need that!  A heart, we’re loving people, we should get that too.  The list is endless and so is the growing list of receipts of necessary self-representative charms.  So we decided to make our own, at a much lower cost.  The project requires wire from the hardware store, pliers, and an old necklace chain!


These our our finished charms!  We made magnifying glasses, of course.  (These are just example chains, we’ve ordered some copper colored ones that are on the way!)

We used copper wire for the looking glasses, and played around with silver for the other charms.


Tools Required:


Copper or silver wire, a necklace chain, and pliers (jewelry pliers are easier to use, but not required).

Step 1: Cut a small section of wire.

Step 2: Begin to bend the wire into the desired shape.

The bending can take a while, and be careful not to make any sharp corners unless you’re ready to commit to them.

Don’t forget to use the pliers when you need help shaping your charm.


Step 3: Twist the two ends of wire together to complete your charm.

Step 4: Cut off the excess material.

Step 5: Use your pliers to fold over the ends of the wire to prevent them from poking you.

Step 6: Once your charm is done, you need to make a link to hang the charm from your chain.  Bend the wire into a circle and hook the loop into the charm.  Once it’s hooked through, cut off the end of the wire and bend them around the loop to complete the circle.

Yay!  You have a completed charm!  (Also, how GREAT of a gift is this? Just saying.)


Best of luck with your charms!


Keya and Erica


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