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Ice Cream Maker Frozé



Can we take a second to talk about our very very deep love of frozé?  I spend the summer months selecting restaurants and happy hour haunts by whether or not they provide frozen beverages.  What frozé brings to the table that most frozen beverages do not, is that it is rarely sickly sweet and is simply an improved upon version of its original rose self.  A glass of frozé is simply a wonderful moment in your day, sitting on a patio with friends, appreciating everything that is perfect about summer.

ANYWAY, we love frozé so much that we made a video about it!  It’s a little awkward and there’s sound in the background and lots of jumpy edits, but we had so much fun making it!  And hey, if anyone wants to give us video editing lessons, we would really like that.

We know that summer’s coming to a sad end, but we want to squeeze every last slushie-filled drop out of it and we want you guys to join us.  This recipe is so easy and so good.  We based it off of Bon Appetit’s recipe, which you can find here.

Anyway, enough chitchat, let’s get to the video!

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We’re back!




Wow.  We’re a little ashamed to admit that it’s been over a year since our last post.  Why you ask?  Well, truthfully, Erica and I started this blog while we were both still living in Santa Barbara together and when I moved to Portland a few years ago, blogging just became less exciting!  It was always something that was fun and inspiring to do with someone else, and is so much harder to do by yourself.  We stayed dedicated for a little while, and then life took over and our little blog fell to the wayside.  We planned and talked about posts, but just didn’t have the drive to get them on the interwebs.  A blogging rut, you might say.

A little while later, feeling re-inspired, we set about moving the blog from to and a few weeks after our site transfer and endless website crashes, the whole website just disappeared!  How is this even possible?  I’m not going to lie to you guys, tech savvy we are not.  This really stumped us for a while.  We re-loaded the site from a saved version, but for some reason our back-up only had text and all of our pictures were gone.  This was an odd moment for us.  I mean, we had spent so much time creating content for this site and to just have it disappear felt like such a loss.  My computer had recently failed at the same time, so all of our photos that would have been saved there were gone as well.  Part of us wondered if it would just be better to start anew?  Or not even re-start at all because it had been so long since we’d last blogged anyway?  But after all of the time and effort we’d put into this little passion project, we just couldn’t let it go.  So right about when I was about to start painstakingly collecting pictures from our Pinterest to restore our old blog posts, I had a very brilliant and obvious realization.  Since we had moved our account from to, our old site still existed, forgotten and just floating around the interweb full of all of our lost photos.  (Does the internet feel like the most vast and confusing thing to anyone else?  Sort of like space, but with websites floating about?  Like, I mentioned previously, not tech savvy.) Anywho, with this revelation we got the blog up and running (correctly this time) and got a great new theme from the ladies of Blogzilla (our theme is Unveil).  And now we’re back in action!

Creativity  is a funny thing.  We started this blog so that we could stay inspired and continue making and sharing the fun projects that we would do in school and for our sorority, as adults.  But you have to work to stay creative!  Especially if you want to blog about it.  It takes time and commitment and, ahem, photography skills (the hardest part!).  It’s easy to let little passion projects like this fall to the wayside, but if I’m being honest to myself, that makes me feel oddly guilty.  Like I’m a quitter!  And we’re not quitters, guys!  So after a long break, and some confusing internet fiascos, WE’RE BACK!  If you’ve been around for a while thanks for still following along, and if you’re new, hello!  We’ve got some fun stuff to come and we’re excited to share it with you guys!




oscar party 2015



 We.  Love. The. Oscars.  You know this.  Planning on throwing an Oscar bash?  We highly recommend that you do (they’re the best).  Here are a few of our favorite ideas for this year.

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Oscars 2015 + Printable Download



If you’ve been following along with this blog for a while you know that the Oscars are BIG DEAL over at The Little Things.  A very big deal.  Our first post on this blog was about our Oscar Soirée, which you can see here.  As the month goes on we’ll share some of our favorite Oscars DIY’s with you and also a few new ones.  But this post is about getting to the heart of the matter- watching all of the nominated films.  The list was just released so… ready.set.go!  By my count you have 35 days to watch 60 films.  But some of those are shorts, so no big deal.  This year was the first year that we got savvy and started watching the golden globe noms in preparation (go figure, only took us five years to come to this brilliant idea?).  It’s been helpful, but we still have a lot to watch (eeek).

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